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RES One Workspace (Workspace Manager)

I have been designing and implementing RES solutions for the past 4 years. If your company wishes to invest a consistent look and feel, user experience and a completely seamless, fully managed and efficient user settings environment for your staff roaming from device to device then RES workspace manager can address this user experience gap.

I have previously worked for clients who wanted to ensure a smooth and efficient Zero Windows Profile VDI logon experience without waiting for long logon or loading times for the desktop to load.


o Zero profile solution – avoiding profile corruption, profile bloat and providing a consistent logon time.
o Automated setup of outlook email signatures based on Active Directory Meta Data
o Automated setup of outlook MAPI configuration
o Automated setup of Wallpaper based on Departments, teams, groups or other Active Directory groups.

o Devices are typically categorized into contextual workspaces and devices, e.g. Laptops, Workstations, Servers, OS type, Terminal Server and enumerated at a decision tree within the logon process.
o GUI based drive mapping engine with context awareness tags. E.g. only map drive if logged in from a certain client end point IP address.
o GUI based printer mapping engine with IP Context awareness.
o IP context aware delivered shortcuts.
o Internet URL restriction / black listing and white listing
o USB Device Locking
o Microsoft Approved License Compliance – Application executable locking. Avoiding over consumption of office licenses.
o Perform automated tasks based on USB device detection. Only allow a specific application to run based on the hardware serial number of a detected USB device.
o Perform automated tasks upon launching an application shortcut. E.g. file injection, task or block action.
o Hardware Performance manager – CPU clamping, Memory Management and reporting.

o Fully integrated feature set with Citrix Seamless Application shortcut publishing, App-V Package shortcut publishing, OSD just in time file/registry injection and SCCM Package publishing.

RES One Workspace

Example infrastructure components overview in use with Citrix XenApp Farm.

RES workspace manager overview