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Citrix NetScaler is an all-in-one web application delivery controller (ADC)  that makes applications run up to five times faster, cuts web application ownership costs with server offloading, and makes sure that applications are always available with its application load balancing capabilities. Hundreds of companies are using Netscaler to optimize, secure and control the delivery of all enterprise and cloud services and maximize the end user experience for all users including mobile clients.

My experience of netscaler is specifically around harmonizing Citrix SBC, VDI and Mobility products creating a powerful user experience that cannot be matched. However Netscaler is also a typical competitor to other Load Balancing technology leaders such as F5 for Standard web site load balancing, SQL Load Balancing, of which I also have experience in.

NetScalers are available as a physical appliance or software appliance and features a pay-as-you-grow software model that have has been very popular as customers’ bandwidth needs have scaled with HTTP throughput.

    • What is data compression? Process of removing as much “extra” data as possible without destroying the data integrity to create the smallest amount of data possible for transport.  The smaller the amount of data the faster it is to move it from one point to another. 
    • What is caching? Making a local copy of data the first time it is requested, so if that same data is requested again the NetScaler can serve that information out of its cache memory instead of going all the way back across the network to grab another copy from the original source.


  • Improves application availability by load balancing applications Layer 4 through Layer 7 –  NetScalers can share their workload with multiple versions of the same application, making sure one instance of that application does not cause a single point of failure or get bogged down with requests and negatively impact performance.  Having multiple email servers to process mail or multiple SQL database servers to answer data requests would be good examples of this.

Integrated AppFirewall improves application security.

  • Server offloading, or removing applications and workloads from servers, can reduce the numbers of servers you need and thus reduce hardware costs and allow for more consolidation of servers