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Adobe reader optimization for Citrix ...

Adobe reader optimization for Citrix or RDS environments Many administrators simply download and install Adobe Reader on their XenApp servers.  However, many small tweaks, which could improve end user experience and/or prevent users from corrupting Adobe Reader for other users on a server, should be considered as part of XenApp deployments.  This blog outlines configurations […]

Citrix XenApp versus Microsoft Remote...

Why XenApp and not Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services? Remote Desktop Services is the very foundation of session based computing technology that Citrix XenApp builds upon. Without RDS, XenApp would not work. So the quickest answer to the question is: XenApp is more of a feature rich enterprise grade extension to RDS which is essential in so many […]

Is Internet Explorer really slow in T...

Is Internet explorer really slow in Remote Desktop Services or Citrix on Virtual servers? – Optimizing IE without GPU Hardware Acceleration Ever noticed that most modern websites are becoming more and more graphically intensive placing high demand on the graphics processing unit of a shared multi user session terminal server. This is compounded hugely when the […]

Adobe Reader MSI Packaging without th...

Adobe Reader MSI Packaging without the bloat

MSI Packaging Adobe Reader and removing the bloat STEP A – Download Customization wizard tool and the Adobe Offline Installer I have repackaged Adobe reader 11 using the Customization wizard from Adobe. Install Customization wizard. Download Adobe Offline installer EXE and Extract the MSI Extraction command line AdbeRdr11xxx_en_US.exe -nos_o”C:\Folder” -nos_ne STEP B – Customization […]

What is cloud computing?

  cloud com·put·ing NOUN – “the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.” Click on the Cloud Computing Video Shortd for a brief overview

Microsoft Azure Express Route

More and more companies are choosing public cloud services to make big savings on data storage and overall IT costs, however there are some essential considerations over network speed / latency for public services over the internet.  Unlike private cloud, every corporation who moves their data to public cloud hosted services is subjected to the speed of the shared internet services and […]

How to configure Citrix Netscaler Acc...

How to configure Citrix Netscaler Access Gateway VPX

How to configure the Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway VPX (Legacy 9.x) step-by-step VPX Editions available 1      How to configure Citrix Netscaler Access Gateway VPX 9.x 1.1       Overview   1.2       Netscaler IP and VIP Address Table   IP Address Name or VIP Description NS1 Netscaler VPX NS (Management) IP address for Citrix XenApp NS2 Netscaler VPX […]

Citrix Summit Las Vegas 2016 Highligh...

Citrix Summit Las Vegas 2016 Highlights

Last week, Loay Shbeilat and Prasanna Padmanabhan presented a session–jam-packed with Citrix Partners–at Citrix Summit in Las Vegas on “How to architect a multi-tenant XenApp solution on Microsoft Azure.” For those Citrix partners that couldn’t make it to Summit, I’ve got a summary of key discussion points and resources to help you succeed. As noted by Brad Anderson […]