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Application Management and DeliveryApplication Management and Delivery

Every company has many client software applications to manage, upgrade and ensure efficient delivery of applications across a variety of end points. The demand on IT resources to manage client desktop applications is a very large concern. There are various technologies that can help make your application lifecycle management and desktop application delivery much more efficient and cost effective. READ MORE

Application OptimizationApplication Optimization

Just because your applications run in virtual environments it doesn’t mean that they perform the same as they do in traditional physical client desktop environments. One of the most overlooked tasks by consultants is that when installing applications in virtual environments they may need to be optimized. In some cases Line of Business may not need any optimization but certainly common off the shelf applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe products and Internet browsers can run much more smoothly in virtual environments by optimizing their configuration. READ MORE

OS Gold ImageOperating System Gold Image

In this fast paced world of IT, rapid deployment of a standard computer gold image brings huge benefits in ensuring consistency, control and standard and secure operating environments for all end users and server operators  a like. However, delivery methods and maintenance for Gold Images can be a lengthy process. Especially if the operating system gold image contains installed applications that require regular maintenance and upgrades.

Using Application Virtualization in addition to operating system gold image provisioning you can split the concerns between operating system images and applications by packaging applications as building blocks that sit on top of the operating system. READ MORE